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Is my calligraphy still the same? Without nearly a year’s practicing… same thing from a year ago
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No Zuo No Die!
We have all met them. That certain type of woman who is never quite happy with what she has and is a little bit too high maintenance, though claims she is modern, easy-going, and carefree, she is, of course, not. She is a little bit less knowing than she purports to be and constantly brings trouble upon herself. Diane Chambers from Cheers is one, the Sex and the City girls are others. Hell, this type of women is by no means new, even poor Lizzy Bennet from Pride and Prejudice fits the bill. We are talking about the 作女 (zuōnǚ), a type of women who constantly 折腾 (zhēteng, give themselves self-inflicted hassle). They consider themselves strong and independent, yet they are masters at manipulating and conspiring; they aspire to be mature, yet they are whimsical, unpredictable and inclined to temper tantrums.
Taken from the Shanghai dialect, zuonü is now in widespread usage, all thanks to Zhang Kangkang (张抗抗)’s novel of the same name, which centers on a young Shanghainese woman. If someone calls you 作 (zuō), don’t be fooled. 
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Tibetan archer, 1938

漢家兒女 Hanfu